Mastectomy home must haves

I did it! My surgery was two week's ago today so i thought that now would be a perfect time to share with you some helpful item's to aid in your at home recovery. 1 ROBE: I have heard they are a life saver when you have T-Rex arms after surgery and can't lift your … Continue reading Mastectomy home must haves


6 Hospital Must Haves For Surviving A Masectomy

6 Must Haves for Surviving a Masectomy

My surgery is just around the corner and I have begun my foraging phase. Like a squirrel stocking nuts for winter I to am collecting all the things I may need for the big day! I want to share some really helpful information that I've learned from some badass woman who have already gone through … Continue reading 6 Hospital Must Haves For Surviving A Masectomy

Previvor Day

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In honor of Previvor Day I though I would share what it means to be a previvor for those that aren't aware, and what being a Previvor means to me. The Previvor Origins: The non-profit organization FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) coined the term previvor 11 years ago. Feeling that there was a … Continue reading Previvor Day

Making Strides For Breast Cancer

American Cancer society| 5k | Breast Cancer Awareness | Previvor

This October in honor of breast cancer awareness month I will be going pink and participating in the Making Strides Against Breast cancer Walk sponcered by the American Cancer Society. Making Strides is a powerful and inspiring opportunity to unite as a community to honor breast cancer survivors, previvors, and raise awareness about risk reducing actions. … Continue reading Making Strides For Breast Cancer

The Breast Woman in Science: Discovery of The Brca Gene


Sometimes the most stunning advances in science are based on a hunch that a dedicated investigator just can’t shake. That was the case with professor Mary-Claire King. King discovered the region on the genome that eventually became known as BRCA1, the first gene linked to a higher than average chance of developing breast cancer and … Continue reading The Breast Woman in Science: Discovery of The Brca Gene

Spare The Nipples Take The Cancer

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 New findings suggest that surgeons performing mastectomies can offer a form of the procedure that allows women to retain the nipple for use in breast reconstruction after breast cancer diagnosis. Now, a reassuring study finds that this type of mastectomy doesn't raise a woman's risk for breast cancer recurrence. "More women are requesting nipple-sparing mastectomy … Continue reading Spare The Nipples Take The Cancer

First 5k

I was all set to do my first official 5k on May 13th. Got all my bright pink swag to represent my fundraising efforts of raising 600 dollars to help educate and empower others young woman about breast and ovarian health. But what you can never plan for is the weather and mother nature decide … Continue reading First 5k