6 Hospital Must Haves For Surviving A Masectomy

6 Must Haves for Surviving a Masectomy

My surgery is just around the corner and I have begun my foraging phase. Like a squirrel stocking nuts for winter I to am collecting all the things I may need for the big day! I want to share some really helpful information that I've learned from some badass woman who have already gone through … Continue reading 6 Hospital Must Haves For Surviving A Masectomy


Not Another Boob Job

It's been a whirlwind since my last post. I have been meeting doctors,setting up fallow ups, preop testing,researching bras and other aftercare items that I might need. I wanted to go a little more indepth about the double mastectomy surgery process, especially for those of you who are considering the procedure. THE SURGEONS: First, I  … Continue reading Not Another Boob Job

The Journey Begins

  BRCA Positive Means: increased surveillance i.e. mammograms and MRI's. Starting at age 26 I began alternating mammogram and MRI's every six months. This meant sitting in a breast health clinic with woman of all ages that had breast cancer. Looking into there eyes meant getting a glimpse into what my life would be like with breast … Continue reading The Journey Begins