6 Hospital Must Haves For Surviving A Masectomy


My surgery is just around the corner and I have begun my foraging phase. Like a squirrel stocking nuts for winter I to am collecting all the things I may need for the big day! I want to share some really helpful information that I’ve learned from some badass woman who have already gone through this journey.

These will be helpful when your throat is sore and dry from anastigia and the breathing tube. My go to is either “Halls Watermelon” or “Worthers Carmel” candies.

I’m not one to have ever owned one, but this time I think its worth trying out. With all the anesthesia wearing off, and nurses checking in being able to block out any light and get some much needed beauty rest seems well worth buying.

BrcaandBrave | Sleep Mask | Beauty Rest

Im planning on at least bring pj bottoms to maximize my comforter level as I get cold very easly. And we all know hospital gowns don’t cover much.

Some hospitals will provide you with a surgical bra and some hospitals ask you to bring your own. Check with your doctor and insurance company ahead of time as masectomy bras and tanktops might be coverd through insurance!

There are two post surgical bras that I am in love with!

1 ANAONO: Pocketed Front Closure Bra. Comes in a variety of fashionable colors and the fabric is delightfully soft on your skin. Three levels of adjustability so your bra can support all your stages of reconstruction.

BracaandBrave | Anaono | Surgical Bra |

2 ANNETTE: Post Surgery Sports Bra Looks of a traditional pushup, but is wirefree, zip front closure, and designed for post masectomy. Soft stretchy and comes in black so it will hide any drain leakage that might occur.

BrcaandBrave| Annette | Surgical Bra

Pillows and nothing but the pillows!!
After talking to countless others that have gone before me, do your self a favor and pick up The Breast and Chest Buddy Masectomy Pillow. It will make the ride home from the hospital a little more managable by cushioning the seatbelt strap.

BrcaandBrave | Breast&Cheast Buddy | Seatbelt Pillow

There are so many kinds of adult coloring books to choose from whether your into mandalas and meditation or animals dressed like hipsters. Adult coloring books are the way to go to pass the time and focus your energy on somthing others then the fact that you just had surgery. My personal favorite is the I Run on Coffee, Sarcasm & Lipstick!

BrcaandBrave | Adult Coloring Book |


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