The Journey Begins

Breast checks save lives!


BRCA Positive Means: increased surveillance i.e. mammograms and MRI’s. Starting at age 26 I began alternating mammogram and MRI’s every six months. This meant sitting in a breast health clinic with woman of all ages that had breast cancer. Looking into there eyes meant getting a glimpse into what my life would be like with breast cancer.

Turning Point
April 2015: My first ever mammogram was proformed. Aside from the cold metal they place your breast on, and the slightly annoying pressure from the plates that hold your breast inplace for the imaging its really not that bad. The findings from my mammogram all came back normal with the exception of telling me I have dence breast tissue. For those of you who don’t know Dense Breast Tissue is defined as having a lot of fibrous and glandular tissue. This may make it hard to see a cancer on a mammogram because the cancer can blend in with the normal tissue. This is more common in young woman because breast tissue breaks down and changes with age becoming less dence.

October 5th, 2015: My Mri was done, what started out as route quickly turned into panic and anxiety. Unfortunately my Mri results came back as abnormal, which meant that I then had to go for an ultrasound to take a second look. The ultrasound showed an abnormal spot on my right breast so the next step was to have an ultrasound guided biopsy.

October 30th, 2015: My much anticipated ultrasound biopsy was proformed. This procedure generally consists of inserting a long hallow needle into the area of concern and taking out several core samples that are then sent out for testing. This meant that for two long weeks after the biopsy was preformed I had to sit and wait, or in my case internally freak out and think about every possible scenario for the test results, and search all kinds of medical site’s. Bad idea don’t look up or view images it only makes you freak out more.

The Verdict 
In the end the results came back as a “Fibroadenoma”. Theveryone a noncancerous breast tumor and are common in young women of child bearing years. I would have never know about this tumor if I wasn’t under increased surveillance because of how deep into my breast tissue it was located.

After this whole experience I finally feel as ready as I ever will. I don’t want to wait around anymore thinking after every screening will this time be it!
I know first hand this isn’t how we BRCA girls envisioned our twenties would go getting our boobs scanned,squished,and prodded,but sometimes life gives you to put it in eloquent terms a big bag of shit that you weren’t expecting and didn’t want! Personally I want to make the most out of this stinky poo filled situation. For me that means:

  1. Raising awareness
  2. Being a support system to other BRCA girls
  3. Reducing my lifetime risk by undergoing a profolatic double mastectomy.

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